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Baljurk Mouwloos Schoudervrij Appliqué Tule Strijksleep Jurken

Market Prijs: € 541,80

Sale Price: € 151,20

(73% OFF)

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Tailoring Tijd: 8-12 Dagen Of u nu kiest voor een standaardmaat of aangepaste maten, onze kleermakers maken elke jurk op bestelling. Levertijd: 3-8 Dagen Your dress will be finished tailoring in around 12-15 days. Then we will ship it out via UPS / DHL / TNT/Fedex.

Deze jurk is Op bestelling gemaakt. Of u nu kiest voor een standaardmaat of aangepaste maten, onze kleermakers maken elke jurk op bestelling.

De vroegste aankomstdatum is Jun 10,2019 als de bestelling VANDAAG is geplaatst.

Baljurk Mouwloos Schoudervrij Appliqué Tule Strijksleep Jurken

  • Ball Gown Sleeveless Off-the-Shoulder Applique Tulle Sweep/Brush Train Dresses
Sku PO16033PO1032
Seizoen Voorjaar,Zomer,Najaar,Winter
Stof Tule
Neklijn Off-the-Shoulder
Silhouet Baljurk
Mouw Mouwloos
Decoratie Applique
Taille Natuurlijk
Model achter Overige
Zoom/sleep Sweep/Brush train
Pakket Gewicht 1500.0000


  1. Baljurk Mouwloos Schoudervrij Appliqué Tule Strijksleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 541,80

    Sale Price: € 151,20

  2. A-lijn/Prinses V-Neck Mouwloos Strijksleep Kralenwerk Tule Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 531,00

    Sale Price: € 145,80

  3. Strak V-Hals Lovertje Hofsleep Mouwloos Jersey Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 589,50

    Sale Price: € 152,10

  4. Baljurk Lange Mouwen Schoudervrij Kralenwerk Satijn Hofsleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 524,70

    Sale Price: € 146,70

  5. Baljurk Mouwloos Schoudervrij Appliqué Satijn Tot de Grond Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 540,90

    Sale Price: € 145,80

  6. A-lijn/Prinses Boothals Lange Mouwen Kant Chiffon Hofsleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 564,30

    Sale Price: € 117,00

  1. A-lijn/Prinses Korte Mouwen Decolleté Strijksleep Appliqué Chiffon Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 546,30

    Sale Price: € 135,00

  2. A-lijn/Prinses Decolleté Mouwloos Strijksleep Appliqué Chiffon Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 505,80

    Sale Price: € 124,20

  3. A-lijn/Prinses Decolleté Mouwloos Chiffon Kristal Vloer lengte Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 547,20

    Sale Price: € 142,20

  4. Baljurk Mouwloos Ronde Hals Kristal Satijn Tot de Grond Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 484,20

    Sale Price: € 139,50

  5. Zeemeermin Mouwloos V-Neck Spandex Strijksleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 539,10

    Sale Price: € 112,50

  6. Baljurk Lange Mouwen Boothals Satijn Tot de Grond Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 533,70

    Sale Price: € 130,50

  1. A-lijn/Prinses Mouwloos Schoudervrij Assymetrisch Appliqué Organza Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 525,60

    Sale Price: € 143,10

  2. Baljurk V-Hals Mouwloos Hofsleep Tule Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 539,10

    Sale Price: € 129,60

  3. Zeemeermin Schoudervrij Mouwloos Kant Kralenwerk Strijksleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 626,40

    Sale Price: € 126,90

  4. Zeemeermin Lange Mouwen Ronde Hals Tule Appliqué Hofsleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 543,60

    Sale Price: € 150,30

  5. A-lijn/Prinses Mouwloos Halter Chiffon Tot de Grond Tweedelige Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 523,80

    Sale Price: € 112,50

  6. A-lijn/Prinses Mouwloos Col Tule Kralenwerk Tot de Grond Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 506,70

    Sale Price: € 145,80

  1. A-lijn/Prinses Ronde Hals Mouwloos Tot de Grond Appliqué Tule Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 543,60

    Sale Price: € 122,40

  2. Zeemeermin Decolleté Satijn Lange Mouwen Appliqué Strijksleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 652,50

    Sale Price: € 144,00

  3. Zeemeermin Spaghetti Bandjes Mouwloos Appliqué Organza Tot de Grond Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 650,70

    Sale Price: € 153,90

  4. A-lijn/Prinses Decolleté Mouwloos Satijn Chiffon Strijksleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 546,30

    Sale Price: € 134,10

  5. A-lijn/Prinses V-Neck Lange Mouwen Strijksleep Ruches Satijn Chiffon Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 542,70

    Sale Price: € 108,00

  6. Zeemeermin Mouwloos Tot de Grond Ronde Hals Tule Kralenwerk Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 520,20

    Sale Price: € 145,80


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thank you for the beautiful dress

Payton F



I got my prom dress from here I ordered the long blue dress and it was beautiful I got so many compliments




Definitely look at the make and delivery times before you order. We ordered for my daughter. She is 5'8" and 36" 28" 36" and a 34A bra size. Cons: We got the more narrow Tulle Netting Ball-Gown 3 Tier Floor Length Slip Style/Wedding Petticoats SKU:ZDRESS471. With 4" heels, she had to lift the dress so it wouldn't drag on the ground. We had to buy inserts as the bust area was huge on her. Also, the zipper sticks a little where the skirt and bodice meet. Pros: on the hanger it looks cheap but on, she was stopped and told she looked like a princess. aside from the zipper the dress was very well made and the materials were what I would expect for a dress in this price range.
Color: we ordered it in pearl pink and it is actually peach, darker than the picture shows. I would recommend this dress but have it custom made to your measurments.

Bridget Weaver



The dress was very nice and had a lot of material. it was not as poofy as the picture, and the straps did not fit me as pictured and also had a very strong fish smell to it, other than that it was perfect.




My daughter loved her dress so much. So many people have asked where we got it from. That night a little girl called her Cinderella and she won prom queen this year.

Kenna G



I got my dress two weeks before my prom date it needed a tiny bit of alteration but the quality is unlike anything you’d find in a store for the prices their asking you just need too make sure too read the amount of time they need too make the dress and make sure too leave a note giving them the date for your event




I got it customized to my body but it was still very large so I had to pay $100 for alterations because of how much fabric there was. Overall the dress was super pretty. Also the dress isn’t as poofy as the picture makes it out to be.




This dress was absolutely astonishing, it came in a really sketchy package but the only problem was a few strings that were easily snipped off.

Courtney W



Got mine from them! Best dress I ever got




Stunning dress!




Got this dress last year for prom and I absolutely LOVED it! I felt like a princess the whole night!
I ordered a size 4 and only altered the length a little

Mya W



I bought a dress from y’all last year for prom. I simply loved it. It fit so well and made me feel like a princess. I got a lot of positive reviews. Thank y’all so much. I LOVED IT !




I love this dress so much. The quality is very nice and the measurements were very accurate. I needed minor tailoring in the shoulder area because it was too big but otherwise this dress was soo pretty.

One thing is the customer service is kinda sketchy and there is no way of seeing the progress of your dress. I think this should be fixed. Also, the dress DOES NOT look like the photo. It's a lovely dress but please update the thumbnail image with a different model wearing the actual Hebeos dress because that is not your photo!! I felt the need to write this review after I saw my images from Instagram posted on here with 5 stars. This is MY REAL review! :)

I hope this helps for any future customers.

Cheyanne H



I got the dress was so beautiful

Kacey Evans



This was the best dress I have ever had. When this dress came in I feel in love, it was absolutely beautiful and fit me great. Thank you for making my last prom the best!




Thank you so much hebeos! Felt like a real princess and got many compliments throughout the night. it was a little big but overall it was amazing I love it!!




This is what my dress looks like! Thank you so much

Sisilli Kaitlyn



I love this dress so much it was perfect




Thank you!!




My niece in her beautiful gown!




I am IN LOVE with the dress!! Although it was kind of delayed from the day I was expecting the item and it kind of smells, you could tell that it took some time making this dress. I was a little afraid at first ordering it in a different color but this company has exceeded my expectations!! Would buy from here again!!




I love love love this dress and the way it fits. It does have a funny smell when you first get it and the top portion fits kind of loose, but other than that it’s perfect.




Thanks hebeos!




I have nothing bad to say about the quality of the dress or how long it took to arrive. They kept in contact with me through the whole process! I ordered this dress on March 16th and received it March 30th. So very fast delivery. The only comment I have on this dress is the smell and how it fits on the top (which could have been my own measurement problem.) but, overall I am very pleased to be wearing this dress to my senior prom. Thank you so much Hebeos. I highly recommended this site.




The dress is really cute and looks almost exactly like the picture. Has a weird smell to it thoo and was a lil big but I had my mom size me so she probably gave the wrong sizes. 8/10

Daphne A.



It is super super nice quality and I love it so much. I don’t have any issue with the dress at all. The color is the same as the picture. I took my own custom measurements as well. I was nervous it wouldn’t look right on a bigger girl but I LOVE THIS DRESS.




I ordered from this site for the first time for my daughters Military Ball. I have nothing but good things to say about this company. I order the dress, custom, February 16th for her ball which was March 17th and not only did I come but came 5 days earlier than expected. I also asked for slight changes like to make it a sweetheart dress instead of a plunge and they did everything I asked for. She looked beautiful. Thank you for your services. I will definitely use you guys again.




I was really nervous about getting this dress online and withot many reviews, however I have received my dress and I am so happy! I ordered it in lilac which also made me nervous as I was not sure what this would look like. This dress is beautiful. It is slightly too big on the top but this is due to my own measuring error. I am beyond excited to wear this dress to my prom!




My sister purchased this dress for her upcoming prom. She wanted something that was elegant and beautiful, and Hebeos certainly delivered that! She looks absolutely beautiful in this gown, and won over all the girls in our family. The dress fits perfectly (custom size) and is sewn well. We will not be going anywhere else for our dresses of all occasions. Have also referred this site to other family and friends. THANKYOU!!!




Me encanto el vestido para mi hija nunca pense q me mandaran exactamente el vestido con todos los detalles q yo pedí me encanta y le doy 5 starts a hebeos.nl los recomiendo es muy buena calidad

Jordan Terrell



This dress came to me in perfect condition. There were slight adjustments that had to be made in the arms, but it was such a cheap fix especially with how cheap the dress was! I am in awe and cannot rave enough about this dress!




I really love this dress even though I didn't double check my size and it's too small. But it's really comfortable and it's BEAUTIFUL ... the only problem i have with it other than it's small is that... it smells weird.

Kjia - my names weird but this is a legit review



I didn’t think it would come out good honestly it came and it’s not the exact same fabric on the top but it still looks great and I actually love it. It didn’t fit exactly so I do have to go and take it in a bit but other than that it came out good




I love it so much




It’s amazing I got a size 2 fit like a glove wow




I received my dress about 3-4 weeks after I ordered it, and when I emailed asking questions they answered quickly and kindly! When I received the dress I tried it on and it was amazing, looks just like the picture other than the color was a little lighter than expected.




It wont let me post pictures but I'm in love with this dress! They did such an amazing job and I got a custom size so it fits amazingly. But once I go to prom this dress is gonna be all over my Instagram. @ima_southern_chick my prom is April 6

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