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Baljurk Schoudervrij Lange Mouwen Kralenwerk Satijn Strijksleep Jurken

Market Prijs: € 634,50

Sale Price: € 150,30

(77% UIT)

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Tailoring Tijd: 30-35 Dagen Of u nu kiest voor een standaardmaat of aangepaste maten, onze kleermakers maken elke jurk op bestelling. Levertijd: 3-7 Dagen Your dress will be finished tailoring in around 12-14 days. Then we will ship it out via UPS / DHL / TNT/Fedex.

Deze jurk is Op bestelling gemaakt. Of u nu kiest voor een standaardmaat of aangepaste maten, onze kleermakers maken elke jurk op bestelling.

De vroegste aankomstdatum is Mar 02,2021 als de bestelling VANDAAG is geplaatst.

Baljurk Schoudervrij Lange Mouwen Kralenwerk Satijn Strijksleep Jurken



  1. Baljurk Mouwloos Schoudervrij Appliqué Tule Strijksleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 541,80

    Sale Price: € 151,20

  2. A-lijn/Prinses V-Neck Mouwloos Strijksleep Kralenwerk Tule Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 531,00

    Sale Price: € 145,80

  3. Strak V-Hals Lovertje Hofsleep Mouwloos Jersey Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 589,50

    Sale Price: € 152,10

  4. Baljurk Lange Mouwen Schoudervrij Kralenwerk Satijn Hofsleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 524,70

    Sale Price: € 146,70

  5. Baljurk Mouwloos Schoudervrij Appliqué Satijn Tot de Grond Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 540,90

    Sale Price: € 145,80

  6. A-lijn/Prinses Boothals Lange Mouwen Kant Chiffon Hofsleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 564,30

    Sale Price: € 117,00

  1. A-lijn/Prinses Korte Mouwen Decolleté Strijksleep Appliqué Chiffon Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 546,30

    Sale Price: € 135,00

  2. A-lijn/Prinses Decolleté Mouwloos Strijksleep Appliqué Chiffon Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 505,80

    Sale Price: € 124,20

  3. A-lijn/Prinses Decolleté Mouwloos Chiffon Kristal Vloer lengte Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 547,20

    Sale Price: € 142,20

  4. Baljurk Mouwloos Ronde Hals Kristal Satijn Tot de Grond Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 484,20

    Sale Price: € 139,50

  5. Zeemeermin Mouwloos V-Neck Spandex Strijksleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 539,10

    Sale Price: € 112,50

  6. Baljurk Lange Mouwen Boothals Satijn Tot de Grond Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 533,70

    Sale Price: € 130,50

  1. A-lijn/Prinses Mouwloos Schoudervrij Assymetrisch Appliqué Organza Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 525,60

    Sale Price: € 143,10

  2. Baljurk V-Hals Mouwloos Hofsleep Tule Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 539,10

    Sale Price: € 129,60

  3. Zeemeermin Schoudervrij Mouwloos Kant Kralenwerk Strijksleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 626,40

    Sale Price: € 126,90

  4. Zeemeermin Lange Mouwen Ronde Hals Tule Appliqué Hofsleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 543,60

    Sale Price: € 150,30

  5. A-lijn/Prinses Mouwloos Halter Chiffon Tot de Grond Tweedelige Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 523,80

    Sale Price: € 112,50

  6. A-lijn/Prinses Mouwloos Col Tule Kralenwerk Tot de Grond Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 506,70

    Sale Price: € 145,80

  1. A-lijn/Prinses Ronde Hals Mouwloos Tot de Grond Appliqué Tule Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 543,60

    Sale Price: € 122,40

  2. Zeemeermin Decolleté Satijn Lange Mouwen Appliqué Strijksleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 652,50

    Sale Price: € 144,00

  3. Zeemeermin Spaghetti Bandjes Mouwloos Appliqué Organza Tot de Grond Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 650,70

    Sale Price: € 153,90

  4. A-lijn/Prinses Decolleté Mouwloos Satijn Chiffon Strijksleep Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 546,30

    Sale Price: € 134,10

  5. A-lijn/Prinses V-Neck Lange Mouwen Strijksleep Ruches Satijn Chiffon Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 542,70

    Sale Price: € 108,00

  6. Zeemeermin Mouwloos Tot de Grond Ronde Hals Tule Kralenwerk Jurken

    Market Prijs: € 520,20

    Sale Price: € 145,80





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If you are looking at this dress and genuinely thinking of getting it, I (11/10) approve. You will not regret it.
When this dress arrived it was early and I was a little skeptical about what it would look like. I had never trusted buying anything online and Hebeos really pulled through.
They kept me in the loop with emails of where my dress was and the packaging kept it safe.
I ordered my dress in black. It came in the exact shade I hoped it would. To be honest the dress was 100% better than the pictures. I’ve never felt so beautiful.
The beading at the top was gorgeous, the arms were lacey and so cute, and it had a lace up back which was very elegant and adjustable to my curves. (Don’t forget it has a cute flowing train :))
I got mine in custom measurements with no extra cost (But you cant return it!).
And the only thing I would mention is that the lace was just an inch short and my arms couldn’t be lifted high enough to dance with my tall escort. Other than that it was perfect.
Thank you so much for my dress!

Miss Georgia Plus America



This dress was absolutely beautiful. I received so many compliments in this dress and so many people asked me where I got it! If you buy this dress try to get this dress altered because the sleeves and train are a little long, but other than that it was phenomenal ❤️

Ashlynn Wright



I loved this dress! It fit me perfectly and it was everything I was looking for. I was a little irritated with how long it took for the dress to be shipped since they told me it would be here in February and didn’t show up until late March. Other than that I had a great experience with this dress and will order from here for my next prom!




This dress is absolutely Beautiful! The fabric is very nice and definitely not light weight. We bought this for my daughters Prom in black and also bought a tulle for underneath which was not needed because one comes already in it. My suggestion to all buying this dress, do custom make and also measure you arm length and bicep, we did and the sleeves were perfect for her. Very VERY impressed with how quickly it was made and received it right when they said we would!! THANK YOU. My daughter was very very happy.




The dress was stunning. I was a bit apprehensive about buying a dress from an online store, but I was really impressed with the results. The dress was exactly as shown in the picture. The material and measurements were accurate as well. Thank you so much!




I loved this dress. It was so high quality and comfortable. The only issues I had was that the shipping was about 5 days late and the sleeves were just a little tight, but not uncomfortably.

victoria duffy







Was really nervous about ordering from online online but I took my chances and did it anyways. Was absolutely blown away with how beautiful it was. Only complaint was that the sleeves were much too big and the train was extremely long but you could always get it tailored. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get it tailored. Definitely order the dress way ahead of time because it does take a while to be delivered. I got so many compliments and overall I loved the dress!!!




it’s exactly like the photo!!! i wore it for homecoming court and i got comments left and right, absolutely love this website because rite cheap and affordable but still great quality!!!




Thank you felt so beautiful in it

Caitlyn Marie



Customized size, wonderful fit and speedy delivery. Very happy with this dress!! Will be back again. Thanks for making prom the most memorable night!!








Hi I loved my dress so much it came out perfect. I fell in love with it and my cousin who went to prom with me loved it as well. Perfect dress for such a fun night




Ordered a dress for prom, loved it so much. Got so many compliments




The dress was beautiful!! It was very flattering!




Absolutely loved my prom dress, and so did my boyfriend! Thanks!

Aida R



I love this dress, it was super comfortable, it fit me perfectly and I felt beautiful! The only thing is that it will take between 3-4 weeks for the dress to arrive, but the wait is worth it!




Love this dress it was late, but I loved it wore it as a bridesmaids dress for my cousin wedding on 4/1




The dress is made of high quality materials. The back is a lace up corset and not a zipper, so it is easier to adjust. The dress has custom measurements and fits perfect. We ordered burgundy but it is more of a red, but that's okay. The dress is really long and so is the train in the back, but it can be altered. Overall, the dress is great!

Jane Ellen Bogard



My daughter asked to use your site to not get one but two dressers for the dances she attended. Due to how reasonable the dresses were priced, I agreed. I want to say that was a wonderful decision on my part. She gave custom sizing to you and everything was carried out that she wanted! Thank you making these two dresses amazing dresses that she loved. She only had to tweak the lace arms on one dress due to the fabric being tight on her arms but she was still not disappointed by any means! I will be using Hebeos more in the future!




ordered my dress a month ago and it came in yesterday, it's too long and loose. So I've got to go get it altered and prom is next weekend. But it is really pretty and I'm satisfied with that.




I ordered this dress in burgundy in the standard size 26(I’m usually a 24W in gowns) and it is absolutely stunning! (I will try to add a photo at a later date) Very well made and the beading details are beautiful. I only wish that I had given measurements for my arms; I have pretty thick upper arms, and the sleeves are tight, but still fit. I’m so excited to sing in this dress for my recital! I will be purchasing all of my “Opera dresses” from Hebeos! Wonderful quality for a great price!




The dress was beautiful! and Seller was excellent in answering any and all questions that I had.




I am very pleased, the dress was very affordable and looks great. I highly recommend this dress! Thank you for a great experience.




I shopped everywhere trying to get dress to suit all my prom. Very happy with the dress and the colour I ordered. I will be ordering two more for my other two girls and have told many friends about the this site.




I have had so many compliments on this dress and have won 2 titles with it ... tried adding pic but wont let me.. but this is an amazing dress i have it in Dark Green




I took the chance with ordering a dress online because had happened to my original dress. I ordered this dress in ivory for my wedding dress. It came early and it looks amazing even better than the picture. So much more detail on the top than what you can see in the picture. I would recommend getting a dress from here and getting it custom sized. It did come wrinkle but that was expected with it being shipped nothing a steamer can't fix.

Min Chiquita



The dress was perfect!

Brenna Garza



I was honestly so scared due to time and money and ordering online for my prom.. but HEBEOS literally saved my life! They were so helpful every step of the way and gave me the best experience/ prom dress ever! I can’t wait to order for my wedding lol!




Wore this dress last weekend for prom and it was great. The end of the sleeve was a little big and it was a little too long but besides that it was great.




I have always felt sketchy about ordering dresses from online just because there are so many things that can go wrong. I made sure I looked into every possible review of this dress,I checked measurements, I zoomed in on the dress, let a few days pass to see if I'd still like it and then I finally placed the order about mid April. Hebeos was great! They made sure to keep me posted throughout the tailoring and shipping process. I received received updates via email and it just assured me that my dress was in good hands and that I had little to worry about. I just received my dress today, so it took about 3 weeks which isn't bad. I'm so impressed with the quality of the dress. The material is thick and strong and durable. The dress is absolutely beautiful! I ordered a size 18 and it fits perfectly. It looks exactly like in the picture. The front has the perfect amount of sparkle, it's very elegant and classy. The back is a lace up, which is convenient since one can adjust it accordingly. The only thing I would improve is the lace for the lace up in the back. The lace isn't long enough. I didn't have enough lace to lace up the top of my dress, but I was able to find an easy solution. Overall, this is a great website to get any dress from. I'm very pleased w my dress! If you're considering buying this dress, BUY IT! Just order it a few weeks in advance and leave it to hebeos to take care of you and they definitely will.
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